7 Plumbing Upgrades That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

By Hi Tech Plumbing And Air

The backsplash, countertop, and flooring tend to be the stars of a kitchen or bathroom remodel. But don’t underestimate the impact of on-trend faucets, and luxurious showerheads.

Plumbing fixtures can do more than complement the design of a room, they can save water and provide convenience. And while a widespread mount in the bathroom and a farmhouse sink in the kitchen pack visual appeal, what’s unseen in your plumbing system is even more important.

Read on to learn more about increasing your home’s value through plumbing upgrades.


Old pipes prone to leaks are a dealbreaker for many prospective buyers. A whole-house repipe will improve the performance of your plumbing and increase the value of your home. A bathroom or kitchen renovation is the perfect time to tackle this project, providing easy access to old copper or galvanized steel pipes.

Generally, a repipe consists of new…

  • Hose connections

  • Supply lines

  • Valves under sinks and toilets

  • Main shutoff valve

Replacing your pipes with new copper or PEX piping will save water and provide decades of reliable use.


Modern, water-efficient toilets use just 1.5 gallons per flush. Meanwhile, 20-year-old toilets use around 5 gallons per flush. In addition to wasting water, these old toilets also increase the cost of your water bill.

WaterSense is a voluntary program run by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Water-efficient products get a label that shows that they have met the EPA’s stringent criteria. To be considered a WaterSense product, the fixture must use at least 20 percent less water. It must work as well as regular fixtures and save energy.


Luxury showerheads mimic waterfalls or summer rain. There are also dual showerheads and LED options as well. Whether you want a rain showerhead or a spa showerhead, there are plenty of options available.


This is a recent trend that became popular thanks to Instagram and Pinterest. While farmhouse sinks may be popular because of how attractive they are, there is another major reason to install them. These sinks are extremely convenient because of their size. Whether you are washing the dishes or a dirty pup, these sinks have plenty of space.


If the farmhouse sink is a little too country, then consider the undermount sink. Unlike a standard sink, which hangs over the countertop, the undermount is installed below the countertop. In other words, there’s no rim exposure.

This configuration lends your kitchen a modern aesthetic, and it makes clean-up a snap. Simply wipe scraps directly into the sink.

However, the undermount sink isn’t for all kitchens.


A conventional water heater using a lot of energy to keep hot water on standby. With a tankless water heater, water is only heated on demand — no more wasted energy. Bonus: unlike a tank unit, a tankless water heater never runs out of hot water.


Eliminate the frustration of trying to wash a large roasting pan under a small, unaccommodating faucet. A pull-out (also called pull-down) faucet makes it easy to do the dishes with a retractable, flexible hose. These models also include multiple spray functions for different tasks.

Not only does a pull-out faucet provide convenience, but this type of fixture also makes a statement with a distinct high-arching head.

Bottom line: A remodel or renovation is an excellent opportunity to address your home’s plumbing system. Modern plumbing saves water, improves comfort and saves money in the long run. Contact Hi-Tech Plumbing and Air at (561) 220-3107.