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Whether you need AC replacement in West Palm Beach because your current unit is broken or you want to upgrade to a more energy-efficient model, the HVAC technicians at Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air are here to help you. We can provide you with a free diagnostic check and, if necessary, recommend the best make and model for your new air conditioning installation. 

Home and business owners in West Palm Beach who want their new system installed by experienced professionals who can do the job right should call Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air. Our HVAC technicians wear shoe covers and will keep your home clean while performing all necessary work. They also receive ongoing training to ensure that their services are of the highest quality.

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What are the Benefits of Installing a New AC Unit?

Increase the value of your home  

  • If you’re about to put your home on the market, showcase how modern it is
    with a state-of-the-art AC installation. Not only will your home feel
    more pleasant in a cooled home, but it can be branded as environmentally
    friendly which new homeowners are more and more interested in.

Save on utility bills 

  • All HVAC units will get a little bit less efficient as time goes on. What this means is while they’ll still get your thermostat to the same temperature, they’ll need more inputs in order to achieve this level of output.

Improved indoor air quality  

  • Another thing old AC units can do is negatively impact your indoor air quality.
    If you’re noticing an uptick in dust or humidity then a new air
    conditioning installation in West Palm Beach could help remedy that.

Better cooling 

  • Sometimes your current unit simply isn’t cutting it. If you’re missing the cooling your unit used to give you, consult our AC specialists about upgrading to a new unit and feel the difference yourself.


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Our Protection Plans are the perfect way to ensure that your systems remain in optimal condition while saving you time and money.

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AC Replacement & Installation in West Palm Beach

How Long Does an Air Conditioning Unit Last?

Unfortunately, no air conditioning unit is designed to last forever. Most AC systems last anywhere from 10-15 years, and their lifespan is lengthened slightly if they are properly maintained. If you are in the market for a new air conditioning unit or looking to replace your system with a ductless model, the expert HVAC technicians at Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air, Inc. can help steer you in the right direction. We will make sure you find a system that is right for the size of your home, the needs of your family, and within your budget. We even offer a variety of HVAC financing options in Palm Beach County to help cover the cost if a replacement comes in as a surprise that you weren’t budgeting for.

5 Signs that it’s time for AC Replacement

  1. You’ve had it for more than 10-15 years – On average AC units last 10-15 years so if yours is much older than that, sinking money into repairing it could be a fruitless endeavor.
  2. Your system is blowing warm air or isn’t producing enough cool air – If even after repair your AC simply isn’t getting you the indoor air environment you need, then contact our specialists about potentially installing a new air conditioning unit in West Palm Beach.
  3. The system is making strange sounds – Not all sounds are bad but by now you should know what your AC sounds like. If you notice any abrupt changes or sounds that are audible from the next room then it may be time to consult our AC replacement experts.
  4. You have had to pay to repair your air conditioner more than once already – If you require frequent AC repair, it could just be cheaper to replace the unit outright. Repair calls add up and replacing your unit is an inevitability anyway.
  5. The cost of the repair is greater than the cost of the replacement – If you’re looking at an expensive repair, or if you’re considering repairing an old unit you should reconsider. While the price tag for AC replacement could be higher than repair, sinking money into a dying unit is a bigger waste of money than getting a new AC installation.

Our Honest HVAC Specialists Will Never Try to Up-Sell You on an AC Replacement!

Sometimes repairing your AC system is a better alternative than air conditioning replacement. If you are experiencing issues requiring a new unit, our West Palm Beach air conditioning replacement technicians will come perform a diagnostic and provide you with an opinion of what they think will be best. We will never up-sell you on services or products you don’t need and will only suggest an AC replacement if we truly believe it is the best option for you.

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How to Choose the Right Sized Air Conditioner

When it comes to buying a new air conditioner, size matters. An AC unit that cools a one-bedroom house may not produce the same effect in a five-bedroom, two-story house. That’s what it’s important to find the right AC size.

AC performance is often measured in British Thermal Units (BTSUs). The higher the BTSU, the higher the cooling unit.

Factors to consider when considering a new air conditioning installation:

  • How big your property is
  • How often you’ll need your AC
  • How old the property is
  • What kind of insulation is in the home

If you buy an AC that’s too small, it will fail to properly cool your home. If the AC is too big, it might short cycle and cause problems in the future. The skilled West Palm Beach air conditioning replacement technicians at Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air can help you find the right cooling unit and properly install it in your home.

On-Time Appointments & Upfront Pricing For All Air Conditioning Installations

As your preferred team for air conditioning installation in West Palm Beach, we listen to what local residents have to say and build our business model around what you want. Most people believe that HVAC service technicians are always late, charge whatever they want, and never return if something goes wrong.

We have channeled these frustrations and turned them into a better business model for West Palm Beach AC installation with the following guarantees:

We promise that our service technicians will show up on time or will call if they’re running behind schedule.

  • We offer Free onsite up-front pricing so you will know exactly how much it is going to cost before we begin the work.
  • We will return and fix your HVAC system for free during the first 100 days after we install your new system. Most companies only have a 30-day warranty policy, but we extended ours to ensure we offer the best service possible.
  • We offer extended warranty plans up to 12 Years on Your Equipment. Visit our Protection Plan page or call (561) 708-4989 to find out more about our warranty.

All of these features give our West Palm Beach customers the peace of mind they are looking for when they need a new air conditioner. Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air is proud to work for your business and strives to earn it every time. We also offer quick and comprehensive AC tune-ups to help keep your system running efficiently for as long as possible.

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