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Natural gas is a powerful, effective, and easily accessible fuel source that provides a tremendous amount of heat. It’s affordable, plentiful, and can be easily transported over long distances using underground networks of pipelines. Today, we use natural gas in many ways in our homes, including to provide heat for cooking, energy for heating, and even heat for drying clothes or heating water. However, this is only possible thanks to a series of gas lines and fixtures that sprawl throughout your home, and even small problems with these lines can have extremely serious consequences. If your gas lines have a problem, shut off your gas immediately and call the team at Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air for fast and effective help.

Our West Palm Beach gas line plumbers have handled just about everything when it comes to gas lines. From tracking down the tiniest leaks to completely replacing entire gas line systems, no project is too large or small for us to handle. Each member of our team is fully licensed and undergoes regular training to improve and maintain their skills so they can serve you to the high levels you expect. Plus we outfit each of them with the finest in modern tools and premium materials so they can solve your problem the right way. Every job is held to world-class standards, and we never settle for any job that hasn’t earned your total and complete satisfaction. Whether it’s a small repair or a brand-new installation, we stand by our work and we even offer up to a 10-year warranty on our services!

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New Gas Line Installations

Because natural gas is such a convenient fuel source with fairly low carbon emissions, people are turning to it for more and more things. Whether you’re looking to shrink your electric bill by cooking with gas, improve the efficiency of your water heater, or add an outdoor kitchen so you can enjoy your beautiful backyard while preparing a great meal, natural gas is the way to go. At Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air, we offer gas line installations for all of these applications and more. From improving your kitchen to changing the fuel source in your fireplace, we use strategic and creative solutions to bring a natural gas connection to exactly where you need it.

If you’re looking to upgrade an appliance but will need a larger supply of fuel to support a higher heat output, we can help you there too! We offer line upgrades that can increase the size of your standard ½” lines to high-output ¾” lines. This is often extremely important when installing a tankless water heater system. We even offer installation for larger, commercial size gas lines when necessary.

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Natural gas has a distinct smell that is somewhat like rotten eggs. There is a pretty good reason for this: natural gas itself is entirely odorless, colorless, and tasteless, meaning a leak would be nearly impossible to detect otherwise. However, natural gas is both extremely flammable and toxic when ingested in high quantities. Overexposure can lead to serious health problems and even be fatal in extreme situations. Therefore, if you smell gas coming from somewhere in your home and you can’t figure out exactly why, you should take action immediately. Shut off your gas at your emergency shutoff valve and call for help right away. Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air offers sophisticated leak detection services for gas lines and fixtures, and we offer repairs for all issues, including line leaks, fixture faults, and more.


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