All About Air Conditioning

By Hi Tech Plumbing And Air

With the hot temperatures and high humidity levels we experience in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, just about everyone in the area is certainly appreciative of their air conditioner. Ever wondered how air conditioning came to be what it is today and what the future holds for cooling systems?


It’s hard to imagine a time before every building had air conditioning. But within the last century, most people relied on handheld fans to provide relief from triple-digit summertime temperatures. Primitive AC systems existed in ancient times, but even in the early 1900s, the costs associated with installation and operation of an air conditioner were prohibitive to most.


When Nikola Tesla developed alternating current motors, it created a breakthrough in cooling systemtechnology. Willis Carrier, an engineer in his mid-20s, invented the first modern air conditioning system in 1902. Its original purpose was to control humidity in the printing plant where he worked.


With the improvements that have recently occurred to air conditioning, many wonder what’s next. New technology is on the horizon, with options like optimized thermal systems, units that can operate without the need for chemical refrigerants, and ice-powered air conditioners that reduce energy waste. Trane is one of the leaders in the air conditioning industry, offering innovative products to cool residential and commercial buildings while improving efficiency.

Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air is a certified Trane dealer, offering the latest options in cooling technology. Some of the AC units include flexible comfort options, which can cool each room more effectively and eliminate hot spots.

If you have a smaller space, check out the low-profile, side-discharge air conditioning unit. Home automation is also one of the latest additions to HVAC systems. It offers homeowners control over their thermostat from their mobile devices.

At Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air, we’re always ahead of the curve when it comes to air conditioning and comfort. Contact us to learn more!