How to Know If You Have Leaking Pipes

By Hi Tech Plumbing And Air

Out of sight, out of mind. Since pipes aren’t visible in your home, you couldn’t care less about them, but did you know that they play an integral role in your plumbing system? Even if you only have one leaking pipe, it can compromise the entire plumbing system. According to EPA, around 1 trillion gallons of water are lost each year, all because of leaking pipes. A leaking pipe wastes water and can also cost you money and destroy your home. So how do you know if you have leaking pipes?

Signs You Have Leaking Pipes in Your Home

Your Water Bill Is Higher Than Usual

Your water bill can change from time to time, but we’re sure you already know the average cost. Water bills can increase during the summer if you have a sprinkler system or if you’re filling a large pool.

But, if your water bill rises even though you haven’t used water that much, it could mean you have a leaking pipe. It doesn’t skyrocket all at once. Usually, the increments are gradual. If you don’t get it fixed, you’ll be wasting money on water you’re not even using.

Mold and Mildew Growth

It’s normal to find mold and mildew in damp areas in your home, like the kitchen and the shower, but if you see abnormal mold and mildew growth outside of your tub, consider it a sign that you could have a leaking pipe. When you find mold on baseboards, walls, kitchen floors, and ceilings, you should have your pipes checked for leaks.

Strong Musty Odor

Even though you can’t see mold, you can smell it. Mold has a distinctly strong, musty smell. They can be under the floor, in vents, and inside the walls. It’s not normal for your home to reek of a musty odor, so when it does, you should investigate and check to see pipe leaks. But, trust us; even if you shower six times a day, it shouldn’t have a musty smell.


If your pipes are leaking, let us know. Our Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air, Inc. team offers quality pipe repairs from West Palm Beach. We understand how frustrating leaking pipes are. That’s why we’re here to fix any type of pipe damage, whether metal or plastics. We only use modern material to make sure every repair is complete. Call us today to learn more.