How to Prevent Drain Backups Before the Holiday Season

By Hi Tech Plumbing And Air

Every time the holiday season comes around, party hosts make it a priority to get their homes ready to create fun memories. Aside from buying new decorations and lights to hang around your house, you should also take action to prevent any wastewater from creating a Christmas nightmare. Here’re a few tips you can follow to ensure your drains won’t cause any trouble during your festive gatherings.

Plumber using a wrench to tighten a siphon under a sink


Get Rid of Grease Properly

Grease might seem harmless at first glance, but it’s one of the main reasons wastewater comes up your drain. Once substances like vegetable oil cool off inside your pipes, they solidify and clog your drain, increasing the chances of a backup. Whenever you need to get rid of grease, pour it inside a plastic container and throw it down the trash.

Only Flush Toilet Paper

Another culprit behind drain backup is throwing stuff other than paper down your toilet. Bath products such as cotton balls, makeup wipes, feminine products, and dental floss are made of materials that either don’t dissolve in water or absorb too much of it, sticking to your drain. If they accumulate for long, they might lead to a backup and ruin your Christmas celebration.

Keep Tree Roots in Check

Aside from grease and bath products, trees can also wreak havoc and destroy your drains. In their search for water, plants might make their way through your pipes, causing tiny cracks or blockages that damage and clog your drains. To avoid this event, check that your trees have not grown roots or shrubs near your pipes, and keep them at a reasonable distance from your drains.

Clean Your Drains Regularly

Finally, contacting a professional to check your drains at least once every two years is crucial to find any signs of a future backup. Cleansing and seeing if your pipes need a makeover will take care of any build-ups that cause foul odors and clogging issues during the holidays.

We Offer Drain Cleaning and Repair Services to Keep Your Pipes in Tip-Top Shape

If you want to make sure your drains are ready to handle your holiday celebrations, call our team. We’re prepared to leave your pipes squeaky clean and as good as new.