Protect Your Home with a Water Shut-Off Valve

By Hi Tech Plumbing And Air

Your home is almost always under constant threat of problems emerging out of nowhere. However, there may not be any that are tougher to spot or more destructive than a plumbing leak hidden in your walls. Plumbing leaks aren’t always big like a burst pipe that quickly causes flooding—in some cases they’re small and nothing more than a steady drip. In either case, there’s potential for some pretty serious damage to your home, including ruined drywall, wood rot, destroyed flooring or other property, and even mold and mildew growth which could require extensive remediation.

In the past, there was almost no way of knowing if your home had a leak. Even slow leaks could go for days or even weeks before you’d discover any signs of the leak, and by that time the serious damage you want to avoid could have already been done. However, that’s not the case today—sophisticated leak detection technology you may have thought was unaffordable or reserved only for professionals is now available at an affordable price, and with smart home technology that makes it easier and more dependable than ever before.

Smart home water leak detectors are small devices with big capabilities when it comes to protecting your home. These devices are simple: once they are installed on your main water line, they carefully monitor your water flow to look for even the smallest amounts of movement and flow. When they find that your water is flowing extremely slowly, usually a sign of a leak, they notify you right away thanks to WiFi connectivity, which sends a notification to your smartphone thanks to an easy to use app. The app also gives you the ability to shut off your water with the press of a button, quickly turning off your water low to prevent the water from continuing to leak.

That means you don’t have to stress about getting home to shut off your water manually—with the simple press of a button on your phone, your valve will shut off your water, stopping the leak in its tracks and giving you the ability to look for it before turning it on again. This can potentially save thousands of dollars in damage, making the investment in one of these systems well worth it.


Flo systems are some of the most popular smart home water leak detection systems on the market. Developed by Moen, one of the leading names in plumbing fixtures, these systems are small, aesthetically pleasing, functional, and use only a tiny amount of energy to operate seamlessly. Their sophisticated water flow sensors can detect even the smallest of leaks, and their easy-to-use mobile app makes responding to an emergency a breeze.

However, these systems are so much more than just a water leak detector—they’re also a full water usage monitor as well. Have you ever wondered why your water bills seem so high? Get a clear picture of how much water you’re using, when you’re using it, and so much more all from the mobile app. This system carefully logs how much water you use, and gives you the ability to spot patterns and see where you can make improvements to your consumption. You can even shut off your water at any time for any reason, and then turn it on again just as easily.

Our West Palm Beach leak detection and repairs team can help you install one of these monitoring systems in your home. We ensure all of our installation services are done safely, reliably, and to the highest standards of quality for your complete satisfaction. Likewise, if the system does detect a leak, we can help you find it and then get it fixed so you can keep your home safe, secure, and leak-free for many years to come.

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