What Causes Hot and Warm Spots in Your Home?

By Hi Tech Plumbing And Air

Have you ever found yourself wandering in your home and noticing that there are some spots in the room that have a climate of their own? If you have, then your home might have a hot or warm spot problem. Hot spots in your home can be annoying, especially during the hot summer season when you want your home to be cold.

If you feel like you’re switching seasons every time you’re changing floors or entering a room, then you might want to know why or how these hot spots occur. To help you understand, here are some points you need to know about your home’s hot and warm areas.


AC Unit Is Not the Correct Size 

Having a small AC unit for a large home is one of the primary causes of hot and warm spots. The air temperature in your home becomes inconsistent because only one area is getting all the cold air. Having an AC unit that’s not the right size will create pockets of warm regions around your home since it’s harder to make a stable temperature for your house.

Your AC Is Not Properly Tuned  

If you have an appropriately sized AC in your home but still experience hot and warm spots, then your problem might be your AC’s tuning. Having your AC at its peak performance can affect the overall temperature of your home; that’s why it’s crucial to have your AC adjusted and maintained to get the maximum output of your unit. If you want your AC to be tuned up for optimal performance, you’ll need the help of an experienced professional.

Your House Is Not Well-Insulated  

If a home has air leaks, it is not adequately insulated or it has poorly designed ductwork. This makes a perfect recipe for a hot or warm spot. Poor home insulation can cause cool air to leak in areas that don’t need cooling, leaving the areas that need it in a warm or hot state. Air leaks and poor insulation can be corrected by consulting a professional and skilled technician specializing in air-conditioning.

Looking for a Reliable Company That Can Get Rid of Those Warm Spots?  

The warm and hot spots in your home can be troublesome, especially during the hot summer days. However, no hot spot can escape our team’s knowledge and expertise. For more information on how to properly maintain your home’s AC, get in touch with our reliable team here at Hi-Tech Plumbing and Air.

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