When Does an Electrical Panel Need Repairs?

By Joshua Domond

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Your home’s electrical panel is its beating heart, distributing power throughout every room. Like any vital organ, they require care and maintenance to keep it running smoothly. This blog will explore signs indicating when electrical panels need repairs or upgrades. 

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Signs You Need to Repair Your Electrical Panel 

Frequent Tripped Circuit Breakers 

Circuit breakers are protective mechanisms within an electrical panel. They interrupt the flow of electrical current when it exceeds safe levels, such as during an overload or short circuit. 

Frequent tripping of circuit breakers means the system is constantly in situations where the current demand exceeds the breaker’s rated capacity. This problem happens when more power is consumed due to added appliances or faulty components. 

Dimming or Flickering Lights 

Dimming or flickering lights often result from variations in voltage supply, known as voltage sags and surges. They originate from issues within the electrical panel and deteriorating components like breakers or loose connections. 

Buzzing or Crackling Sounds 

Unusual sounds from the electrical panel, such as buzzing or crackling, are clear signs of electrical arcing. Arcing occurs when current jumps across a gap or poor connection, creating high-intensity discharges. This issue can be attributed to loose connections, degraded components, or damaged insulation. 

Panel Feels Hot to the Touch 

An excessively hot electrical panel enclosure suggests abnormal thermal conditions within. Inadequate ventilation, high current flow, or component malfunction could be the cause. Such heat compromises panel efficiency and poses hazards. Avoid DIY efforts for safety and seek professional evaluation to address the root problems. 

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Are You in Need of Expert Repair Services for Your Electrical Panels? 

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