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Our plumbing trucks are stocked with a complete assortment of plumbing parts so that we can address most plumbing issues on the same day. All Hi-Tech plumbers are fully trained and state-licensed.

Our local Indiantown plumbers provide comprehensive plumbing services.

From installation and repairs to maintenance and inspections, we meet all residential and commercial plumbing needs.

Water Heater Installation Indiantown

Water heater installations and repairs are our specialties. We install and maintain standard tank water heaters as well as tankless water heaters. Do you need a new water heater? Our customer service staff can help you find the unit that best suits your usage requirements, space constraints, and budget.

General Plumbing Repairs

Hi-Tech Plumbing technicians are experienced in plumbing repairs for residential and commercial applications. Whether it’s locating leaks, fixing broken water pipes, or clearing out drain clogs, our experienced, licensed plumbers will address all issues and restore plumbing systems to working order.

Indiantown Showers and Tub Installation

Hi-Tech Plumbing plumbers install showers and bathtubs in new construction projects. We also remove old showers, bathtubs, sinks, and fixtures and install replacements. Additional Hi-Tech Plumbing shower and bathtub services include enclosure installation, shower pre-fabs, tile work, faucets, hardware, and shower head installation.

Water and Sewer Line Clearing

Do you need new water and sewer lines? Do you need maintenance or repairs on existing water and sewer lines? Hi-Tech Plumbing crews have installed, repaired, and replaced hundreds of miles of lines over their careers. We deliver exceptional service and ensure that water lines, drainpipes, sewer lines, and sewer pipes are clear and performing optimally.

Garbage Disposal Replacement

We install garbage disposals in new construction projects and we replace malfunctioning or broken garbage disposals in existing homes.

Gas Line Repairs and Gas Tests

Plumbers are the tradespeople who perform gas tests and handle gas line repairs. If your home is piped for gas, a plumber is the tradesperson to call for gas appliance installations, maintenance, and repairs.

Under-slab Repairs

If you suspect a leak, drain, or sewer issue underneath your slab foundation, Hi-Tech Plumbing professionals can diagnose and fix it. Signs of broken plumbing under a slab include foundation cracks, warm places under the floor, a water bill increase, or a wet area on the floor. Leak detection equipment will isolate the issue. Our technicians will cut through the slab, fix the leak, and then repair the slab.

Electronic Leak Detection

Advances in technology have made available accurate electronic leak detectors. The leak detection unit enables a plumber to identify distinctive soundwaves emanating from a pipe with leaks. A pipe with no leaks produces a different kind of soundwave. Frequencies also vary with pipe thickness, the fluids inside a pipe, and the pressure being exerted on leaks.

Amplification of the sound waves allows a plumber to hear the waves, analyze them, identify the leak, and come up with a course of action. With an electronic leak detector, a technician can find leaks in pipes, drains, toilets, oil pipes, steam pipes, water supply systems, and more.

Sewer Inspections Indiantown

Sewer cameras allow technicians to inspect sewer lines and identify blockages and breaks in the system. A tiny camera is mounted on the end of a snake and fed into the sewer line. It sends back video footage of the interior which is extremely helpful for identifying the composition of the blockages. This information helps Hi-Tech Plumbing technicians know if the blockage can be dissolved or if it needs to be blasted apart.

Yard Drains

Yard or landscaping drains carry excess water away from homes and buildings toward ditches, swales, ponds, cisterns, or streams. Yard drains are vulnerable to intrusion by silt, dirt, debris, and tree roots. Over time, buildups and blockages can occur. Hi-Tech Plumbing plumbers clear out landscaping drains so that water can run freely through them again.

Indiantown Plumbing Inspections

We provide plumbing inspection services for homeowners and commercial clients. We recommend regular inspections (at least once a year) of plumbing and sewer systems to identify leaks, cracks, clogs, and areas that are vulnerable or compromised. Problems that are caught and addressed early eliminate the need for expensive repairs later. Inspections can also avert plumbing emergencies.

High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

High-pressure cleaning, also called hydro jetting, is when plumbers direct water under very high pressure into tanks or pipes. The purpose of high-pressure cleaning is to remove tough blockages like tree root masses or solidified plugs of grease and sludge. Only trained and experienced Hi-Tech Plumbing plumbers carry out this service since water under such high pressure causes severe damage if accidentally misdirected.

Whole-House Repiping

In older homes and structures with deteriorating pipes and water lines, repiping is sometimes necessary. Repiping is the process of replacing old pipes with new ones. Signs that a house may need Hi-Tech Plumbing repiping services include discolored water coming out of faucets and overall water pressure problems.

In Case of a Plumbing Emergency

With Hi-Tech Plumbing, you’ll get priority plumbing services. Call 561-708-4989 to schedule a plumber now.

Hi-Tech Plumbing Services Indiantown, FL

  • Water heaters, including tankless water heaters
  • General Plumbing repairs
  • Showers and tubs
  • Shower pans
  • Water and sewer lines
  • Garbage disposals
  • Gas line repairs and gas tests
  • Under slab repairs, including tunneling
  • Electronic leak detection
  • Sewer Camera
  • Yard Drains
  • Plumbing inspections
  • High pressure drain cleaning
  • Repiping

If You Have a Plumbing Emergency in Indiantown, FL

With Hi-Tech Plumbing, you have access to Indiantown emergency plumbing help. Call 561-708-4989 for rapid plumbing attention that will take care of your problem and get your plumbing system functioning properly again. 

Hi-Tech Plumbing Services in Indiantown, FL

If you need a professional team you can rely on contact our experts today by calling (561) 708-4989.


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The recognizable smell similar to sulfur or rotten eggs often linked to natural gas serves an important purpose. Natural gas in its pure form is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, making leaks hard to notice. However, for safety reasons, it is deliberately given this distinctive odor. Natural gas is highly combustible and can be harmful in large quantities, presenting significant dangers to health and safety if excessively exposed. Therefore, if you detect an unusual smell of gas in your home, it’s vital to respond immediately. Shut off your gas at the emergency valve and seek expert help right away. Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air offers expert gas leak detection services, providing timely and effective resolutions for a range of problems, from line leaks to issues with gas fixtures.


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