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When you take a look at the list things that use the most energy in your home, the first plumbing device you’ll notice on the list is your water heater. Water heaters consume a lot of fuel, particularly electric units that rely on resistive heating elements to bring your water up to temperature. Fortunately, there is a way you can improve your energy efficiency without the hassle of installing a gas line: switching to a hybrid water heater system. Hybrid water heaters use a combination of traditional electrical water heating elements and an energy-efficient heat pump to rapidly produce hot water while using only a small fraction of the energy.

Here at Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air, Inc., our team specializes in water heater installations, and we have the training and skills to effectively outfit your home with a hybrid water heater system that’s perfectly matched to your needs. We carefully analyze your home, including your existing plumbing system and your current hot water demands, in order to help you choose the perfect hybrid water heater replacement unit. We make sure every installation meets our high standards of quality, including ensuring it is compliant with all relevant plumbing codes and safety standards, so you can have total and complete peace of mind. Plus you can always come to expect the same great customer service and care that has come to define our business over the years. Our goal is your total satisfaction, and we believe this is earned by providing you with a reliable supply of hot water and a great experience throughout the process.

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Advantages of a Hybrid Water Heater

Why should you switch to a hybrid water heater? While their cost may be higher, the amount they could save you on your energy costs is astronomical. Within as little as two to three years, the amount of money your hybrid water heater saves you on energy costs could pay for the price difference in the upgrade.

Here are just a few of the other great advantages of a hybrid water heater:

  • Quiet: The heat pump systems in hybrid water heaters are quiet, meaning you’ll notice little to no noise difference when your water heater is running.
  • Extra power: Hybrid water heaters reheat an entire tank of water faster than any traditional water heater. By combining your heat pump and electric heating elements, you’ll have a new tank of hot water in less time than you may have ever thought possible.
  • Cool your warm space: The exhaust air produced by the heat pump is cold, meaning a heat pump water heater actually cools the space they are in!

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Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air is the team you can trust with any water heater project on your plate. With our 22 years of service, our technicians have the skill needed to effectively handle every repair and installation.


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  • There are pros and cons to every type of water heater but the unit you should choose depends on your needs as well as the size and shape of your property. At Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air, we have helped countless clients select a make and model that is best suited for their space. When faced with a water heater project, count on our team of West Palm Beach plumbers to assist you.


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