Top 3 HVAC Winter Tips for Your Air Conditioning & Heating System

By Hi Tech Plumbing And Air

Winter has hit South Florida, with recent temperatures dropping in the 40’s— but its also the time you can save energy and money on your utility bill.

We’ve put together the top 3 HVAC tips that will best benefit you.

1- Begin by setting your thermostat to 65 degrees. This way, your heating system will operate less and use much less energy. In addition, consider turning your thermostat down a few degrees before you go to sleep or when leaving your home for a few hours. This can amount to $110 in energy savings each year. You should consider purchasing a smart programmable thermostat, such as Nest or Nexia, to adjust and schedule your home’s temperature settings automatically with a user friendly downloadable app.

2- To properly maintain you air conditioning system and keep it working at peak performance and top efficiency you should consider changing the filters, cleaning the coils and lubricating the bearings where needed. This is normally included in a Basic Service Agreement package where you receive 2 Tune ups a year, one in the winter & one in the spring, to make sure before Summer weather starts your AC can take the heat. Check out our air conditioning protection plans, which provide our clients total peace of mind.

3- If your AC system is showing signs of age and breaking down, now during the winter season is the best time to buy or finance a new complete Air conditioning system. Most companies have less work during these times and will therefore be more competitive to lower their costs and still provide you with a High Efficiency system. We offer several financing options with up to 5 years to pay. Visit our HVAC financing page for more details.

Winter season should not cause many HVAC problems but if you take these tips in consideration it may you save you a pretty penny and get you a shiny new system while your at it. Remember Don’t fret… Call Hi-Tech!